Maurice the Right Fit in Winnipeg

When Paul Maurice was announced as the new head coach of the Winnipeg Jets, my gut feeling was that this team can finally do something positive.

Didn't we already have Christmas?

Because it felt like a late Christmas gift: An experienced coach of over 1,000 NHL games along with AHL and KHL experience coaching the squandering Jets.

And what an entrance on Monday night!

Never have I seen the Jets play with such consistency and jump for the better half of 60 minutes.

Now, the focus turns to staying consistent for a team that has been consistently inconsistent through the first two and a half seasons in Winnipeg.

For Maurice, his experience will yield results due to his being in this position as the new coach for the fourth time in his NHL career.

The Jets now have the man they need at the helm: Someone who is not willing to take any guff from any players and demands respect and accountability while still maintaining an air of respect going the opposite way towards the players.

I won't go into Maurice's resume, because frankly, it's being overdone in the media already.

But for what its worth, Paul Maurice may be the thing that makes this Winnipeg Jets franchise legitimate.