“Leaked” Jets Schedule Proves Hockey’s Worth in the Peg

Today on Twitter, there was an "leaked" Winnipeg Jets schedule released for the upcoming 48 game 2012-13 season and it has caused quite a stir on social media sites around the city, province, and country.

One thing it proved to me was that hockey is still a big deal in Winnipeg.

While many are speaking out boldly in other markets to boycott the shortened NHL season because they would be supporting greedy millionaires, Winnipeg hockey fans just want to watch their team.

Maybe it's the fact that we are new back in the league and still have more to give our team as fans than other older, more established franchises.

It made me proud and glad to be a Jets fan because I will be and am part of this great pride and appreciation of our team.

For Winnipeggers, it shows a resolve to be different as well as support the local economy and the local team.

To not support the Jets in the market they are in would be suicide to the team – and the team did nothing wrong to deserve a lack of support during the lockout.

This season will definitley be louder, more enjoyable, and the fans will definitely be more strict on how they cheer and yell and their Jets this season.

Look out because Jets fans are still selling out the MTS Centre – with or without a lockout.