Jets All Out Top 25 Mid-Season Rankings

#25: James Wright, Centre

Last Year's Ranking: N/A
Pre-Season Ranking: 23
Mid-Season Ranking: 25
Difference: -2
I am not a fan of James Wright and I don't think he needs to be on this team.  There are other players who should be in his spot full-time, such as Eric Tangradi or Anthony Peluso or guys who can change the game with a fight or feistiness.
I would even prefer Chris Thorburn over Wright, which isn't saying much.
#24: Zach Redmond, Defense
Last Year's Ranking: Honourable Mention
Pre-Season Ranking: 17
Mid-Season Ranking: 24
Difference: -7
Only reason Zach Redmond has gone down is because of the exceptional play of Jacob Trouba, who really has taken Redmond's spot.
Adam Pardy hasn't played half bad either in the Jets lineup, forcing Redmond to play most of the season in the AHL.

#23: Adam Pardy, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: N/A
Pre-Season Ranking: Honourable Mention
Mid-Season Ranking: 23
Difference: +2

Adam Pardy has been very serviceable as a sixth/seventh defenseman this season in place for any injured defenders – i.e. Zach Bogosian and Mark Stuart.

#22: Paul Postma, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: 22
Pre-Season Ranking: 19
Mid-Season Ranking: 22
Difference: -3

Paul Postma dips in the rankings due to injury and the fact that Jacob Trouba is playing very well and Pardy has played well in Postma's place.

#21: Jim Slater, Centre

Last Year's Ranking: 15
Pre-Season Ranking: 15
Mid-Season Ranking: 21
Difference: -6

Again injury to Jim Slater has dipped him down into the 20's.  Once he is back in the lineup and if he is still effective, he will definitely be up the list quickly.

#20: Eric Tangradi, Right Wing

Last Year's Ranking: N/A
Pre-Season Ranking: 24
Mid-Season Ranking: 20
Difference: +4

Eric Tangradi has used his size and has played a decent role on the third and fourth lines of the Jets.  Probably expected to be much more of a scorer coming from junior, he is now just a role player but a big one at that.

#19: Chris Thorburn, Left Wing

Last Year's Ranking: 20
Pre-Season Ranking: Honourable Mention
Mid-Season Ranking: 19
Difference: +6

Chris Thorburn breaks out of the Honourable Mentions because of injuries and the fact he has had some time on the second line, although it was brief and not very memorable.  Still on thin ice in his contract year.

#18: Anthony Peluso, Left Wing

Last Year's Ranking: N/A
Pre-Season Ranking: 22
Mid-Season Ranking: 18
Difference: +4

Anthony Peluso's ability to fight and change the flow of a game with his play has been a benefit to the Jets that Chris Thorburn has not been able to provide.


#17: Keaton Ellerby, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: N/A
Pre-Season Ranking: N/A
Mid-Season Ranking: 17
Difference: N/A
Keaton Ellerby has been a great pickup by GM Kevin Cheveldayoff to add to the banged up defensive corps.  Very serviceable for a fifth/sixth defeseman.

#16: Mark Stuart, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: 12
Pre-Season Ranking: 12
Mid-Season Ranking: 16
Difference: -4

Mark Stuart's time out of the lineup and Jacob Trouba's play has dropped him down the lineup.  Once he is back full-time blocking shots on a regular basis he will rise again.

#15: Devon Setoguchi, Right Wing

Last Year's Ranking: N/A (w/Minnesota Wild)
Pre-Season Ranking: 9
Mid-Season Ranking: 15
Difference: -6

Not a great start to someone who was supposed to spark Evander Kane and play with rookie Mark Scheifele.  Has been servicable as a lower second liner or upper third liner.  Scores occasional big goal.

#14: Grant Clitsome, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: 18
Pre-Season Ranking: 11
Mid-Season Ranking: 14
Difference: -3
Grant Clitsome has been more than inconsistent, but has been just awful at times.  With Dustin Byfuglien not being so consistent himself, Clitsome's mistakes have been magnified.  Needs to clean up his play to get back up the rankings.

#13: Matt Halischuk, Left Wing

Last Year's Ranking: N/A (w/ Nashville Predators)
Pre-Season Ranking: 10
Mid-Season Ranking: 13
Difference: -3

Halischuk had a great start to the season before injury.  He would have stayed at the number 10 spot if he were still playing or even higher.  The new Jets winger is a great penalty killer who is really missed on the Jets penalty kill.

#12: Zach Bogosian, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: 6
Pre-Season Ranking: 6
Mid-Season Ranking: 12
Difference: -6

Zach Bogosian has been a band-aid this year and has been for most of this time in Winnipeg with only 123 games of 171 in three seasons.  Needs to stay healthy if he wants back in the top 10.

#11: Mark Scheifele, Centre

Last Year's Ranking: 21
Pre-Season Ranking: 18
Mid-Season Ranking: 11
Difference: +7

Mark Scheifele has taken a while to get going this season, but has established himself on a great line with Michael Frolik and recently Evander Kane.  He's looking to be what the Jets wanted when they picked him.

#10: Olli Jokinen, Centre

Last Year's Ranking: 9
Pre-Season Ranking: 13
Mid-Season Ranking: 10
Difference: +3

Olli Jokinen is playing like he wants to stay in Winnipeg this year unlike last.  With 25 points in 41 games, Jokinen has taken his game up a notch, even though he is still a far cry from a 60-80 point scorer he used to be.

#9: Al Montoya, Goalie

Last Year's Ranking: 14
Pre-Season Ranking: 16
Mid-Season Ranking: 9
Difference: +7

Al Montoya is playing great in his second season as the Jets backup goalie and finally getting the starts he deserves and earns.  He is in the top 10 because of his great play and trying to push Ondrej Pavelec to play better.

#8: Michael Frolik, Left Wing

Last Year's Ranking: N/A (w/ Chicago Blackhawks)
Pre-Season Ranking: 14
Mid-Season Ranking: 8
Difference: +6

Michael Frolik is sixth in Jets scoring and that's more than I think anyone expected from Frolik, who has over 20 points in a season for the first time since he was with Florida in 2010-11.  He compliments Mark Scheifele well.

#7: Toby Enstrom, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: 8
Pre-Season Ranking: 8
Mid-Season Ranking: 7
Difference: +1

Toby Enstrom has had a so-so season so far – only 12 points in 41 games this season – nothing close to his point output last year but he is healthy and only a -1 so far.

#6: Ondrej Pavelec, Goalie

Last Year's Ranking: 1
Pre-Season Ranking: 3
Mid-Season Ranking: 6
Difference: -3

Ondej Pavelec is not a starting goalie the Jets will win or go far with.  He needs to either figure out how to play with passion or play like he wants to win, because his play and his post-game interviews show he isn't full invested in winning.

#5: Dustin Byfuglien, Defense

Last Year's Ranking: 2
Pre-Season Ranking: 5
Mid-Season Ranking: 5
Difference: 0

Dustin Byfuglien has to clean up his defensive zone work while continue what he does in the offensive zone – shoot and shoot hard.

#4: Andrew Ladd, Left Wing

Last Year's Ranking: 4
Pre-Season Ranking: 2
Mid-Season Ranking: 4
Difference: -2

Andrew Ladd has been so-so this year – plays well some games and not so well other games.  But he has been consistently there with 28 points in 41 games.

#3: Evander Kane, Left Wing

Last Year's Ranking: 5
Pre-Season Ranking: 4
Mid-Season Ranking: 3
Difference: +1

Finally getting his game on track this season, Evander Kane has 11 goals in 33 games and hopes to break the 30 goal plateau for the second time in Winnipeg.  The Jets need him healthy and playing well to win.

#2: Bryan Little, Centre

Last Year's Ranking: 7
Pre-Season Ranking: 7
Mid-Season Ranking: 2
Difference: +5

Bryan Little has been playing above his head all season leading the team in scoring.  This is more of the Little of 2008-09 with 31 goals as he leads the team in scoring now with 33 points (14 goals, 19 assists) in 41 games.  If he stays healthy the Jets have a chance too.

#1: Blake Wheeler, Right Wing

Last Year's Ranking: 3
Pre-Season Ranking: 1
Mid-Season Ranking: 1
Difference: 0

Blake Wheeler's passion shows in his play and his post-game interviews.  Wheeler wants to win and his game has been revved up coming into 2014.  He is second on the team in scoring with 31 points in 41 games and leads the team with 15 goals.