NHL & NHLPA On How To Kill A Professional Sports League

No more talks are scheduled between the NHL and NHLPA after a weekend of talking over non-economic issues that frankly have not and will not improve the present strained relationship between the two sides.

Candidly, the current standoff between the two sides is one thing and one thing only: Abuse.

Abuse of the fans, that is.

As stated in the past, Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards called the two sides treatment of the real engine of the league – the fans – an abusive relationship – like that of any other type of abusive relationship.

In this instance, the NHL and NHLPA are being the abuser and the fans the abusee.

As talks broke down again after a weekend of little-to-no improvements at all, it seems more and more that the NHL and NHLPA are paying cheap, abusive, and downright unnecessary lip service to the fans.

And frankly, that is wrong.

My first reaction is for the fans to punish the league and the players, stop supporting them, and spend their hard earned dollar in other arenas of entertainment in their respective cities.

And as the days drag on in the NHL lockout, the unwillingness of either side to make a true bargain and actually do some negotiating, the need for that to happen needs to come to light.

It is almost a joke that the only sides in this entire saga that has been left out are the fans – the ones who pay the dollars to fill the seats in NHL arenas, buy merchandise, hot dogs, beers – and they pay those same fees over and over again every season because they enjoy being able to watch hockey.

If it weren't for the fans, the players wouldn't get paid because the owners wouldn't get the money, and the league would not get any TV deals.

Promptly put – the NHL would not exist and do as well if the fans were not supportive.

As a fan, it's first of all, frustrating, second of all, pointless, and third of all imebicilic for the players and the league to do this again!

With a swarm of NHL players moving over to Europe to play in leagues across the Atlantic at much lower rates (most just to cover insurance), why is it such a big deal for them to come to an agreement here when they already make millions of dollars playing a sport.

A sport!

One hundred percent of fans would do anything to play in the NHL let alone pay good money to watch games!

It's clear to me, as it should be to any NHL fan – die-hard or not – that the NHL and NHLPA do not care whatsoever for the fans.

Because if they did honestly care for the fans they would not pay cheap lip service day after day.

Sure, it makes for a good Sportscentre morning when the fans want to know what is going on in the lockout lately, but after a while it gets monotonous, almost boring, and fans will tune it out.

Now with Jets Evander Kane and Andrew Ladd being the latest to fly overseas to play in the KHL, it is becoming more apparent that this lockout isn't going to be in the short category as it was for the NFL last season.

As talks are currently, going we are en route for a NBA type lockout or even another missed season.

Two missed seasons within 10 years?

That is how you kill a sport.

Write down their actions carefully ladies and gentlemen, because if you want to know how to crash, burn, and never recover a major professional sports league in North America – of which that sport is already number four out of four – you better get this down.

Even though the likes of Donald Fehr, Bill Daly, and Gary Bettman – who's annual salary is near $8 million per (via TSN, 09/06/2012) – are foregoing their own annual salaries during this lockout, it isn't asinine to think that neither side is in a hurry because of personal reasons and circumstances being as they are.

In short, everyone – owners, players, and head executives – are all millionaires.

So why hurry up the process? 

They can wait it out.

But not the poor sports fan who pays hard earned money to pay for one seat or two.

Myself, paying for two seats, along with my family and friends isn't easy on a salary that doesn't make six to seven figures.

And quite honestly, the lockout is a joke, a fraud, and a downright embarrassment for players, fans, and owners alike.

Then again, the NFL is on again tonight.

Maybe the NHL is in jeopardy of losing a life long fan – and maybe more of them – if they don't get their act together soon.