Jets All Out Top 25 II: #21 Mark Scheifele

Mark Scheifele's 2011-12 season was a busy one.
(Photo Courtesy Yahoo! Sports)

Mark Scheifele, 19, C, 6’2, 184 lbs
Last Year's Ranking: Not Ranked
This Year's Ranking: #21
Difference: +4

Surprising as this may seem, but Mark Scheifele's entrance into the Jets Top 25 players in the organization is more than earned.

Scheifele, who started the season in Winnipeg with only one goal in seven games, made his mark as the first Jets draft pick as the reincarnated team took him seventh overall in 2011.

Not only was his stock rising at that point, but it continued to rise all season, throughout his season in Barrie with the Colts, where he scored 63 points (23 goals, 40 assists) in 47 games, to the World Juinors and onto a playoff appearance with the St. John's Ice Caps, where he collected one assist in 10 games.

Not only was Scheifele the busiest Jets prospect, he was the busiest Jet period.

And to think that the Jets 19 year old pick was playing Junior B hockey only three years ago.  That's not a place where many top 10 draft picks come from.

However, Scheifele's development continues and the Jets will be patient with him as he may progress into an NHL spot if he competes hard in camp.

With less jobs open this camp, another year in junior may be beneficial as he would be a dominant player with another year under his belt as well as NHL experience.

Scheifele did explode onto the scene in the 2011-12 NHL pre-season, but quickly died down to a third liner in his seven games in Winnipeg.

There's still more than enough excitement for Scheifele to wear a Jets blue jersey in Winnipeg and for good reason – he is going to be an impact player for the Jets in the future.

Another year older and experienced and Mark Scheifele is looking to make another big step forward.